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The sending-word of the Chaoyang Group board chairman
     How are you!
     Welcome presence to the site of Chaoyang group,my name is Hanyongliang who is the board chairman of the Chaoyang group.
      With the ourselves duty of developing the auto-motor trade in China,comity under the estended family of the Chaoyang group ,we pursue the excellence product quality and the high specification serve.we shall build the Chaoyang to huge speciality auto-motor fittings production corporation group.
The auto-motor fittings industry is still a facing sun industry in 21 century. we are the flourish developmental young group in the facing sun industry .with the times of the WTO china, Chaoyang has accident and defy, Chaoyang will catch the accident , receive the defy, found the refulgence industry again with the all the rorporation in china.


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